Contracts and Deals

Contracts and Deals

We have made a good number of deals related to domain names.

Among other legal duties, we have drafted a good number of agreements and participated in negotiations on the deals related to domain names (e.g., their acquisition, sales, transfer rights on them). Almost all of such deals are confidential, so we cannot publish the details here.

Nevertheless, we hope, that other information published here help you to understand our legal experience related to domain names. So, we are ready to provide corresponding services and share our experience with you.

I would like to get a quick access and download an agreement

Well, if you are just looking for a quite good agreement and are ready to prepare it for your own purposes, we may suggest you to glance at the following templates (including domain name transfer agreements):

In any case, please take into account that these templates are third party documents and we do not provide any warranties, assurance, approvals or guarantees in respect to them until otherwise is not prescribed by the binding documents between you and us.

That’s wonderful, we’re ready to help you. Just describe us your issue and send it to us via email. We will be glad to help you!