Legal Databases and Data Analytics

Legal Databases and Data Analytics

A short brief about our own legal databases.

Here you can find out, what a legal data is and for what reasons we analyze it, and how we can be helpful for you in solving legal issues related to domain names or domain disputes.

Nowadays a lawyer cannot avoid a legal data analysis to solve complex legal issues. Both lawyers of law firms and inhouse counsels should know actual legal practice (court and antitrust cases, an industry best practices and so on). But if your manager asks you to claim a compensation for your company, what should you do? How will you define the right amount of it? And why are you confident that your choice is absolutely right?

In addition, we often read and hear about legal data and legaltech: data collection (what, where and why), data marketplaces (where buy legal data) or even get the data via API (yes, legal APIs do exist). All of such ways and offerings mean the following: legal data is important knowledge to solve complex and unusual matters, to make your business more effective.

That’s the answer, why we work in this direction - collect the data, analyze it and provide the information based on the results of such analysis.

What the data we analyze

One of the most complex legal issues in domain disputes is to specify the most suitable amount of compensation to claim in the lawsuit. For example, in Russia the law allows to a plaintiff to claim an amount in the range between 10 000 RUR and 5 000 000 RUR for a separate violation of intellectual property rights (e.g., trademark rights).

In respect to domain disputes, we analyze Russian court practice (since 2002 year till now): who claims and for what reasons, who has been successful and why. In other words, we are the ones who know what factors affect the amount of possible compensation awarded by courts - just our dashboards directly tell us about it! See the screenshot above.

We have the access to the Kardamon legal database (thanks to Denis for it) - the legal database of actual court practice on domain disputes in Russia. By having it, improving and updating the data herein, we have a very good and sucessful tool to pick the right amount of compensation (how much a claimant may ask in the claim or lawsuit in a domain dispute). In some sense, we help to predict a possibility of the amount of compensation to be awarded by a court.

We help to build your own databases

We have experienced in collecting the legal data, processing and updating it. So, if you are looking for help in building or testing your own legal databases, APIs, dashboards in business intelligence systems and so on - just contact us! You can be confident, we will find the right ways of cooperation.