Conferences and Trainings

Conferences and Trainings

When and where we share with our legal experience related to domain names and domain disputes as speakers.

We regularly participate in different public legal meetings and events both as speakers and an attendees. It helps us to share our own knowledge with you and get a very useful feedback.

Conferences and workshops

There is a list of conferences, where we were have participated as speakers with our presentations and reports on legal issues related to domain names and domain disputes:

Statistics of domain disputes in Russia

The paper is published in the collection of scientific papers of the conference. It contains detailed statistics of resolving domain disputes by Russian arbitration courts for more than 20 years. These materials represent a valuable object of study for statistics, econometrics and legal analysis in the field of domain disputes.
RU provided at II International Conference Digital Technologies and Law (Kazan, Russia) in 2023

Kardamon: what domain disputes say

Here we talk about the key of success of the Russian and foreign plaintiffs in domain disputes in Russian courts, what foreigners sued in Russia and on what domain names. We also spoke about their trademarks as success factors in such disputes, and who were awarded by courts in a huge amount of compensations for violations of their trademark rights.
GB provided at Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (Moscow, Russia) in 2019

Kardamon: the analytics of domain disputes

During this round table, we spoke about the analysis of the domain disputes in Russia: what domains are the subject of domain disputes, how many disputes related to .RU domain (and why these many), what plaintiffs (from Russia and foreign countries) were successful and could get compensations in the amount that they claimed for, what factors affected on the requested amount. More details on this meeting here.
RU provided at IT-Lawyers Discussion Club (Moscow, Russia) in 2019

Courses and trainings

The courses, trainings and educational process are integral part of any legal practice. In part, in collaboration with Legal Academy together, we have prepared a number of training videos on legal issues of domain names disputes in Russia, e.g.:

Foreign plaintiffs in Russian domain disputes

Discover, what foreign companies and for what domains sued in Russian courts? Who was successful and for what reasons? You can find answers on these questions and get other facts. For example, the plaintiffs from the USA are more successful than the plaintiffs from Germany.
RU published at Legal Academy in 2019

Registrars and disputes

Find out, which roles the registrars play in Russian legal battles, and why the courts do not recognize them liable in respect to domain disputes. Also, this video explains the legal status of a registrar as an information intermediary, what they do to avoid be a defendant and found liable (as a defendant and/or an information intermediary).
RU published at Legal Academy in 2019