Legal services for domain deals and disputes

Who we are and why us

Hi there! We are smart lawyers being ready to help you to handle legal issues related to domain names. In part, draft an agreement to make a domain name transfer for a reward, prepare the UDRP claim or even calculate an amount of possible compensation to claim a court for it (our unique feature based on use of legal databases). The full scope of our services please see here. More details about us click here this page.

Some facts about domain disputes in Russia

  • A domain owner and/or an admin of disputed domain name may be found liable for the infringement.
  • Among other things, the laws and courts allow a claimant to claim damages or a compensation.
  • The amount of compensation may be between 10,000 and 5,000,000 RUR (in USD see here).
  • More than 227,924,959 RUR is a total amount of all claims. And the total reward is four time less.
  • In ~30% of cases claimants did not ask any compensation (the reasons are unknown).
  • In more than 15 cases the amount of compensation is equal or more than 500,000 RUR. And we know all these cases.

So, if you have troubles with domains somewhere in Russia, let’s start your legal journey with us together.