Who we are

Who we are

Hi there, here we go! Adminpays.com is international legal team, who have experienced in both in-houses and counsulting areas (IT/TMT/Media sectors). We combined our skills, knowledge, access to legal sources and launched this project in 2021. We sure, there are a lot of legal issues in respect to domain names and domain disputes. So, we are ready and glad to share with our knowledge, provide advice and consulting services, draft the docs and - the most valuable option - to calculate the amount of possible compensation in domain disputes. See here the details, what we do.

Why we to be chosen for help

  • We have unique knowledge: we have analyzed more than 250 domain disputes for a long time period;
  • We know actual court practice trends and what factors one should use to claim a huge compensation;
  • We share our knowledge with others (articles, conferences and trainings);
  • We use the legal databases on domain disputes in Russia.

Why adminpays?

That’s easy. As we discovered, there are plenty of domain disputes, where the domain administrators (instead of the domain owners or with them) were found liable. So, if a court decides a domain admin is liable, it awards a compensation (or to pay the damages) for a trademark owner (a plaintiff), it means that domain admin must pay the money to this trademark owner. To sum up, is this admin liable? If so, he pays.

Be in touch

To contact us, just write here. We’ll answer as soon as possible!