Claims and Lawsuits

Claims and Lawsuits

We sent dozens of claims, most of them are successful. We also consult others to prepare lawsuits.

Our legal team is ready to assist you every step on the way of handling and solving a domain name dispute. We can protect your rights and interests since drafting the claim until when representing you in a lawsuit related to a domain name dispute. We deeply analyze a client’s case to find out the gaps and weaknesses in the legal defence of its opponents: not only a domain name owner, but a domain administrator, a registrar and a hosting company too.

How can we help

We may be useful in a number of ways to solve a domain name dispute:

Draft a complaint and manage it

A well-composed complaint, that reflects strong points of a claimant, may serve as an effective tool not only to stop the violation, but also to get a domain without a court battle.

Draft the lawsuit and provide a court representation

A more heavily legal tool. If a violator does not react on a complaint, this document can help to force him not only to stop the violation, but also to pay the damages or a compensation.

Calculate the amount of possible compensation

That’s one of our favorite services! If you are filing the lawsuit in Russia, the laws allow you to claim a compensation in a range between 10 000 RUR and 5 000 000 RUR. But it is complicated to try to prove that your amount is adequate and correlates with the violation! We can help to do it. By using the corresponding database, we easily and quickly calculate the suitable amount to submit it for the court as a legal basis for the requesting amount of the compensation.

Conduct the UDRP

We also have experienced in solving the disputes by filing the complaints to the UDRP. We are proud that until present all of them have been successful and solved in favor of our employers / clients. More details about our skills and experience are provided here.

Overall consulting services

We may consult you on a separate issue, complex matters or provide the overall review of your legal case related to a domain name dispute (in accordance with the laws of Russia and some other jurisdictions).