Research and Publications

Research and Publications

Here you can find the list of posts, articles and publications written by our legal counsels.

Our articles and publications on legal issues of domain names and domain disputes (mostly held in Russia).

in English

Domain names disputes: how to get the most compensation in Russian courts

We analyzed recent Russian court practice on domain disputes and looked at the amount of compensations awarded by courts in favor of plaintiffs. The analysis, based on our own database, identifies factors that could directly affect such compensation in Russian courts.

published at World Trademark Review in 2020

in other languages

So Different Domain Disputes. On Compensations

This article is the same as above, published in Russian. We verified hypotheses and discovered initially unknown correlations to look more deeply at the Russian domain disputes picture as a whole - including determining the ‘average bill’ for plaintiffs in such cases.

published in Russian at Vestnik Ekonomicheskogo Pravosudiya, N 10/2019 in 2019

The “cultural” domain disputes: how theaters struggle with tickets resellers and the illegal use of their trademarks in the courts

This article is about legal battles between cultural organizations (theaters, etc.) and the resellers that resell their e-tickets. Here you can find decisions taken by the courts against domain administrators who mislead users, and what amounts of compensation plaintiffs can expect in such disputes.

published in Russian at EG-Yurist N 34 (1085) 2019 in 2019

Administrators of domain names as defendants in domain disputes

In Russia there were a lot of domain disputes, where the individuals (domain owners or administrators) were involved and found liable. We proposed to understand when and for what actions a person (a domain administrator) can be held liable in domain disputes.

published in Russian at GARANT.RU in 2019

Responsibility in 3D: a distributor, a dealer, a domain

If an individual entrepreneur or a company plans to distribute any product and are being at the stage of making a deal under Russian law with its manufacturer, such businessman or a legal entity should negotiate a number of legal issues related to domain names. Or else it can be found liable for intellectual property violation of the manufacturer rights by just administering a domain name related to such distribution.

published in Russian at GARANT.RU in 2017